Our Services

Engineering and Engineering Support, System Analyses

bulletStudies and Analyses concerning Risk and Safety, Reliability and Availability (RAMS) of technical Facilities and Products
bulletSafety and Risk Analyses, Hazard Analyses
bulletSafety Concepts
bulletSafety and Emergency Plans for Operating and Recovery
bulletReliability Analyses
bulletMaintainability Analyses
bulletRedundancy Concepts
bulletProtection Concepts
bulletHuman Factors Analyses concerning the influence to reliability, availability and safety
bulletwithin handlings in situations of normal operation, disturbances and emergencies
bulletoperator behavior
bulletmaintenance activities
bulletSpare Part Optimization (Logistics and Spare Stocks)
bulletLife Cycle Costing
bulletSafety Verification, Reliability Verification, Availability Verification
bulletduring concept and development stage (probabilistic and/or deterministic)
bulletduring operating stage (statistical)


bulletNeutral assessments of systems and documents concerning risk, safety, reliability and availability
bulletVerification of safety/ reliability/ availability of systems and products

Specifications and product documentations concerning RAMS

bulletDefinition of requirements concerning safety, reliability and availability
bulletSet up specifications for invitations to bid
bulletInterpretation of requirements
bulletDocumentation of safety, reliability and availability features

Creation of Plans and Instructions for Operation, Maintenance and Recovery Management in case of of Disturbances

bulletDevelopment of economic maintenance procedures
bulletPreparation of maintenance plans and instructions
bulletEmergency plans, check lists for disturbances scenarios
bulletOperating instructions, Operational Flow Diagrams
bulletProcedures for events feedback

Reliability and Safety Statistics

bulletEvaluation of operating and disturbances data
bulletEstimation of reliability, availability and safety characteristics of systems and products
bulletPlanning and Evaluation of lifetime tests
bulletEstimation of producer's and consumer's risks in connection to statistical verification requirements

Tools and Event Databases

bulletComputer Programs for System Analyses
bulletReliability Databases
bulletTools for registration of operating and disturbances data


bulletReliability and Safety Planning and Techniques
bulletStatistical Data Analysis




Statistical Data Analyses

bulletStatistical evaluation of reliability data from operation and and lifetime tests
bulletClassification Analyses, Cluster Analyses