Reliability and Safety of Technical Systems
Reliability and Safety Engineering during System Life Cycle
bullet Manufacturer's view
bullet Carrier's view
bullet Authority's view
bullet Common goals
bullet Planning steps during development and procurement
bullet Cost optimization over planned useful life
          Main Goals Basic Tasks
Optimized Design
        System Reliability and Safety Analyses
            Risk Analyses
  Accepted Risks  
Optimization of Design,
Operation and Maintenance
Reliability and Safety Assessment
          Minimal Costs  


Reliability and safety engineering include the following tasks:

bullet Appraising alternative system solutions in the evaluation and concept phase
bullet Risk analyses: hazard analysis, risk definition, risk assessment, confirmation of acceptance criteria
bullet System analyses and optimization of the system structure (redundancy, safeguards, diagnostics, maintainability), operating sequence (in case of disturbances and emergences), ergonomic assessment/ operation, spare part organization, logistics
bullet Specification of requirements to system safety, reliability and availability
bullet Verification of the required safety, reliability and availability by probabilistic analyses and/or deterministic methods (conformance with safety standards)
bullet Verification of the required safety, reliability and availability by statistical methods using service and/or life tests data
bullet Development of economical maintenance methods and construction of the maintenance plan
bullet Building a cost model for investment cost, operation and support costs in order to estimate alternative system, operating and maintenance solutions (Life Cycle Costing)
bullet Building a safety plan for emergences, event feed backs and measurement planning
bullet Building an action plan for disruptions: analysis of disturbance scenarios, establishing operating sequences and recovery procedures. Building check lists and instructions.



Brief (non-mathematical) Explanation of Terms

Life time, failure safety, availability...    Always clear what it means?
The term around reliability and safety are often used misunderstandingly. Here is a short explanation, which do not claim to be precisely. But, hopefully, is commonly understandable. Anyway, descriptions are conform with common standards.

RAMS: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety

RAMS Terms,
Typical questionings and
commonly used measurements
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Useful Life
Safety (S)
Availability (A)
Reliability (R)
Maintainability (M)