Company Profile

Name zintec Reliability Engineering
Founded 1993
Owner Peter Zinniker
Electrical Engineer
Reliability and Safety Engineer
Address Hardstrasse 12
CH-4802 Strengelbach
Contact Phone  +41 62 751 54 09
Telefax +41 62 751 81 42
Email: zintec
Member of SWISSRAIL Industry Association SWISSRAIL Industry Association
Know how since 1980 Reliability and Safety Engineering in the following areas:
Power Generation, Distribution and Application
bulletPower distribution systems
bulletEmergency power systems
bulletProtective systems
bulletMonitorung systems in atomic power plants
bulletElectrical propulsion systems
Information and Communication
bulletComputer systems
bulletControl systems
bulletTrain radio systems
Traffic and Transportation
bulletTrains, locomotives and coaches
bulletPropulsion systems and components
bulletTrain control systems
bulletDiagnostic systems
bulletAutomatic doors
Various industrial plants and products

References Extract from our list of customers:
  Bombardier Transportation Ltd.
  Swiss Federal Railways
  German Railways
  Kaba Gilgen Ltd.
  ABB Switzerland Ltd.
  Schweizer Electronic Ltd.
  Canton Lucern, Switzerland, Traffic and Infrastructures